What is a fiduciary?

A fiduciary is a person and/or organization that has agreed to act on behalf of customers and clients and faces legal consequences if they fail to do so. Investment advisors at a RIA (SEC Registered Investment Advisor) such as Philadelphia Investment Partners, LLC, have a fiduciary duty to their clients.

Why does it matter?

All financial professionals licensed to sell stocks and bonds are required to gain an understanding of their client’s circumstances. However, for some that merely means that it is suitable, but not necessarily in your best interests.

Our advisors at PIP Wealth help you make investment and financial decisions based on your best interest. There is no incentive to advise you to purchase certain investments over another.

Why do you want a fee-only advisor?

The traditional broker/client model was built to generate revenue for investment houses and banks. The more they convinced you to trade or to purchase add-on services, the more money they make through sales commissions. Whether these transactions were appropriate for you often becomes a secondary concern- quantity supersedes quality.

At Philadelphia Investment Partners, LLC as a fiduciary, the only compensation we receive is our advisory fee based on the assets we manage for you. This fee brings you our personalized advice and attention, as well as fully transparent access to the best that the financial world has to offer.

Additionally, our Chief Investment Officer, Peter Zeuli, has earned and held the CFA Charterholder designation since 2003.

CFA Charterholders have the commitment, knowledge and ability to measure up to complexity of your financial life. They have passed the multidisciplinary CFA Program and can support your investment positions.

  • Advanced Investment Expertise
  • Depth of Financial Knowledge
  • Commitment to Clients

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