Your Personal CFO

We consider ourselves the CFO of your personal financial company. We look to simplify the demands of managing your wealth so that you can focus your time on your business and your family.

Because of our independent status, we are fiduciaries and our compensation is never determined by how or with whom we invest.

We utilize a simple, transparent pricing model that allows us to focus solely on providing the best advice to our clients.

Our success is strictly tied to your success.

How do we partner with you?

  • We start by getting to know you and your financial goals. We want to work to develop a total wealth management plan that suits what you are trying to achieve with your money.
  • Much like a visit to the doctor, before we can prescribe an appropriate treatment, we must first conduct a thorough examination of your financial health.
  • A plan is just the start – once we have a set roadmap to follow, we are constantly reviewing and revising both your financial plan and investment strategy to make sure they are aligned with current market conditions.

1) Introductory Meeting

In our first meeting, we will identify your high-level goals, priorities, current concerns and how we can help. We will establish your expectations for us and if all parties want to proceed with a partnership.

2) Discovery Meeting

After our first meeting, we will proceed with an in-depth analysis of your current financial picture. We will discuss all current investments, financial accounts, and life insurance contingencies. More importantly we will discuss how these instruments can best work for you.

3) Detailed Financial & Investment Plan Review

Once we have reviewed and discussed everything, we will outline a financial and investment plan to help you achieve your financial goals. We will address the issues most important to you and outline how our sophisticated investment approach can be utilized to maximize your investment returns.

4) Regular Progress Meetings

For better or worst, the world we live in is constantly changing. We are here to ensure your financial plan adapts to whatever life has in store. We set ongoing meetings and online check ins to continue to stay up-to-date on your current goals and review if your plan needs to be adjusted. We strive to act as an ongoing source of knowledge and support for you and your family.

Contact us today to see how a financially sound plan may bring you closer to your goals.